Date: April 9, 2021

The Pacific Northwest is home to some amazing natural features that attract millions of tourists each year, but after the trip to Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, you may be looking for something new to do during your next visit to Seattle. If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and experience some of the signature elements that make the Pacific Northwest what it is, consider these 5 outdoor adventures for your next vacation or weekend getaway.

1. The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Beach Bill of 1967 guaranteed open beach access to everyone, meaning you could spend a weekend walking or driving along and camping on the beautiful sandy beaches of Oregon from its border with California to Washington State. Be sure to stop at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Devil’s Punchbowl, and the Tillamook Rock Light on your journey.

2. Mount Rainier

The highest peak in the Cascade Mountain Range, Mount Rainier is rarely visible from viewpoints in Seattle due to fog and cloud cover, but venturing out of the city to climb the summit provides some incredible views and is a bucket list item for many Pacific North westerners. Hiking during the day is free, but if you plan to spend the night in the park you’ll need a permit.

3. Snoqualmie Falls

One of the most popular attractions for sightseeing, hiking, and wedding ceremonies, Snoqualmie Falls is a great day trip or a slight diversion off your path coming to or from Seattle off Interstate 90. Put on your raincoat and feel the mist coming off the 270-foot waterfall from the observation deck before you hit the gift shop for some famous oatmeal and pancake mix.

4. Sea Kayaking in Vancouver, B.C.

If you get up across the border to beautiful Vancouver, B.C., be sure to carve out half a day for sea kayaking to take in all the natural surroundings and cityscape views Indian Arm Bay and the surrounding ports offer on a year-round basis. Calm, protected waters make for a great family activity and a chance to experience the area from the water.

5. Salmon Fishing in Puget Sound

Speaking of the water, you’re truly missing out if you don’t dedicate part of your trip to a Puget Sound fishing tour. Experience an active, non-traditional approach to fishing off a charter boat with light tackle mooching. A guided tour with A Spot Tail Salmon Guide can bring you to the best fishing spots in Puget Sound and provide plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, whale watching, and relaxation on the water.

Plan your Pacific Northwest getaway and book a salmon fishing trip with Captain Keith Robbins by calling or texting 206-295-7031 today!

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