Your Seattle Fishing Guides

We specialize in mooching and fly fishing, because we believe it’s important for our clients to have a memorable, hands-on experience.


My name is Keith Robbins, and I’ve been fishing on the Puget Sound my whole life. I’ve been guiding for 26 years now with my own business, and worked for another captain for three years before that. Some kids love football or basketball, but it was always all about fishing for me. When I was a kid, my mom used to drop me off at the dock in the morning and pick me up at the end of the day (back when you could do that kind of thing). From when I was a little kid, to a young rookie, to becoming a captain and business owner, fishing has always been my favorite thing to do.

Some people have to drag themselves to work every morning. But me, I get to spend every day on the water introducing anglers to my favorite place on the planet. I love being on the Sound and watching someone catch their first fish or the biggest salmon of their lives. I hope to give everyone on my boat a really memorable day on the water, surrounded by the sights and beauty of the Puget Sound (and I hope the fish cooperate too). All I know, is the only reason I have ever worked any job was to support my fishing habit. I try to share the best things about fishing with every guest who boards my boat: From the sunrise over Mount Rainier and the Seattle skyline, to feeling that first bite at the end of your line, to when your arms are aching after a successful day at sea, fishing on the Puget Sound is an unforgettable experience. I’d love to share that with you and your family.


My name is Sean Bowman, I go by Yoshi as well. I was born and raised on the water, here in Seattle, Washington. Since a very young age, fishing has been the focal point of my life. From catching my first fish at age 6, to buying my first boat at 11, becoming a deckhand at 12, and most recently earning a captain’s license, my passion for fishing has directed my life to countless wonderful memories and experiences. I want nothing more than to share these experiences with you.

Every day on the water is an adventure. The fisheries and marine ecosystems of Puget Sound are deeply rooted in the history and culture of greater Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Salmon are the most iconic species of our region, and a day on Puget Sound pursuing these renowned fish offers the opportunity to not only tangle with the catch of a lifetime, but to interact with a rich marine environment. Every trip holds exciting prospects for a new experience; from whale and porpoise sightings, bald eagles, to hooking into an immense chinook salmon, or simply appreciating the beautiful and storied landscape surrounding our waterway. There is never a dull trip on the Puget Sound. Our classic Seattle fishing method, mooching, provides a hands on technique to catch these fish, which is all the more exciting and interactive. For me, teaching others a new way to fish, and proceeding to watch them succeed is the greatest reward!

Creating timeless memories, and sharing in the joy of fishing and adventure is what I am all about. Let’s make it happen together! I am looking forward to spending a memorable day on Puget Sound with you.


My name is Andrew Moravec and I would be thrilled to take you on a fishing adventure! I was born and raised in Seattle and one of the great passions in my life is fishing. Even though I have spent the majority of my adult life all over the Pacific Northwest and Alaska in search of the next great fishing experience, there is no place that I would rather spend my time more than on Puget Sound.

I spend most of my working days and free time on Puget Sound, and I am constantly in awe that there is so much natural beauty surrounding us, so many mountains, so much life in our inland sea, and all just a stone’s throw away from the greatest city on the Pacific Coast – Seattle, Washington. I want to share that with you. For me, fishing is about discovery. Every day is a new reality. We live by the tides, searching for that perfect place where the currents will concentrate the schools of herring, hoping that once we find them that the Salmon will be on the feed. And they usually are. I want to introduce you to the rich ecosystem that is Puget Sound and share the time honored Seattle fishing technique that is called mooching.

For me, the greatest thrill is sharing what I know, teaching the technique, and crafting a great fishing experience that everyone on my boat will remember for a long, long time. I can’t wait to take you fishing!

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