Fishing Trip FAQs

Where are you located?

We are located on Shilshole Bay in Seattle, WA. The address is 7001 Seaview Avenue, Seattle, WA 98117-6059. Once you arrive at the marina, park by the giant Viking Sculpture and walk to H-dock (located in the middle section of the marina). The gate automatically unlocks at 6am. Walk down the ramp and continue down the dock. We will pick you up at the west end of the dock by the fuel pumps (it’s the only gas station in the marina). If you arrive early, don’t worry, we will be pulling up by boat and picking you up at the dock, as we do not moor our boats at the marina.

Pick up is available at Kingston Marina on the Kitsap Peninsula for an additional $50 during certain times a year (depending on conditions).

What hours are available for fishing trips?

Morning trips are preferred, however, fishing can be good both morning and afternoon. Seattle fishing start times are flexible based on tide & season.

What months do you operate?

We operate year-round.

What licenses are required?

A $10 fishing license is required for each person on all fishing trips and can be purchased on the boat.

Do you take children on your trips?

YES. However, if they are very small, we do recommend bringing a life jacket for your child.

What gear is provided for the trip?

All fishing gear (Shimano Tekota or Sage Reels and G Loomis or Sage graphite rods, hand tied leaders, Gamaktsu hooks), rain-gear (upon request), all bait, tackle, and bottled water.

What should I wear on the trip?

Please remember to dress warmly. It’s always colder on the water.

What should I bring?

Warm clothes all year, rain gear (we do have some rain gear we can provide with notice, but it is not carried on the boat), sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, snacks, camera.

Can we bring beer?

Yes, you can. You can drink, but you cannot get drunk for obvious liability reasons.

Can we smoke?

Yes, if it is ok with the other guests on board.

Will we get seasick?

It’s not likely. Puget Sound is like a big lake with tides. There is no ocean swell or diesel fumes. It has only happened on my boat twice in the past 30 years.

Can we keep our catch?

Yes, we keep what is allowed per Fish and Wildlife regulations only hatchery origin Salmon. We will clean and provide bags for you to take your catch with you. If appropriate we will filet your Salmon at no additional charge.

Should I bring a cooler?

Not for the boat. There are three built in coolers/fish boxes in each boat. If you need a cooler to take your catch home, please leave it in your car and grab it following the trip.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we sell gift cards. Contact us if you would like to purchase one!

Can you ship our fish?

We do not actually do the shipping, but we will direct you to several fish markets that will vacuum pack and ship your fish if you like. We can also direct you to a smokehouse, if you would prefer to have it smoked then shipped.

How far should we book in advance?

If your schedule is flexible, we can usually find a time to accommodate you, unless you have a larger party. The busiest months are July, August and September, so if you are thinking about going during those months, please book sooner rather than later.

What is your policy for cancellations due to weather?

This is Seattle, so a sprinkle of rain doesn’t scare us one bit. On the other hand, navigating in high wind is neither safe nor enjoyable for the passenger or the Captain. That said, cancellations are usually caused by high wind conditions. Cancellations are promptly communicated and rescheduled. Cancelations never happen the night before as many wind forecasts are incorrect and updated six times a day. We will communicate sixty to ninety minutes before our scheduled departure and if winds exceed twenty miles per hour trips will be rescheduled.

The Puget Sound is a vast and beautiful span of water, connected to the ocean, so its saltwater, but considered protected inland waters without large ocean size waves and no ocean swells.

What vessels do you use for trips?

We currently have a 23′ Grady White Fisherman Center Console, 300hp quiet and smoke free Yamaha four stroke outboard engine, Lowrance GPS, Plotter, VHF and Depth Sounder.

What fishing areas do you visit?

On our fishing trips, we may visit Point-no-Point, Jefferson Head, Shilshole Bay, Bainbridge, Vashon & Whidbey Islands, Possession Bar, Kingston, and other parts of Puget Sound depending on the season.

How close are the fishing grounds?

They can be as close as five minutes from the marina or as far as thirty minutes. We will take you where we think we have the best chance to catch fish on the day you go out. We always stay closer to home on shorter trips.

What expertise and certifications does your guide have?

Your guide, Captain Keith Robbins, has fished the Puget Sound his entire life. He was a Featured Guide on City Limits Fishing with Mike Iaconelli, ESPN K-Mart Outdoors w/Fuzzy Zoeller, and Fly Fishing the Northwest.


Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, all major credit cards are accepted. There is an $10.00 convenience fee per person, or a $40 convenience fee for a private boat, on all credit card charges.

Should we tip our guide?

Tips are not required, however, a 10%-20% gratuity is customary and greatly appreciated.

What is your cancellation policy?
There is a $50 non-refundable deposit charged at the time of reservation. The entire trip fee becomes 50% non refundable within seven days and the trip becomes 100% non-refundable 72 hours before the trip. If you are part of a shared boat and arrive fifteen minutes late this is considered a no show and you will be charged the entire fee. If a full cancellation is charged you will have until June 30 of the following year to use your trip and join an already scheduled group by calling 24 hours in advance.

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