Date: April 9, 2021


This is the beginning of our favorite time of year in Seattle, summer salmon season on beautiful Puget Sound! It’s a time when the salmon start to come home. Shoals of herring can be found around the edges of our large underwater banks that surround Seattle’s marine environs, and draw in Chinook and Coho Salmon for an easy meal. We are already off to a great start, and fishing around Seattle was pretty exciting this weekend!

June gives us a great shot at intercepting early returning Chinook Salmon. These fish can’t resist a cut plug herring, and our mooching technique gives our guests the hands-on experience that really makes for great fishing and lasting memories. We have also been seeing Resident Coho during our trips which add to the fun.

This weekend, we hosted families from Indiana and Georgia. Both were visiting Seattle for the first time, and what experience is more thrilling than a salmon fishing trip on Puget Sound! Both days saw some pretty good fishing, with a good mix of Chinook and Coho and it was a great time! Chinook is catch and release until late July, which means that with plenty of hungry salmon available and few boats fishing, it should continue to be great days on Puget Sound! Call us today at 206-295-7031 to reserve your date!