Date: April 9, 2021

Summer is here, and that means warmer weather, longer days, and all the more reason to spend some time on a boat. Whether you’re commending dads, grads, or anyone else who has something to celebrate, a fishing trip might just be the gift they are hoping for. For veterans and rookies alike, here are a few occasions you should consider celebrating on a fishing boat this summer.

For high school graduates en route to college, freshly matriculated undergraduates about to take on the real world, and professional degree recipients alike, most grads are in need of a break this time of year. For Seattleites and out-of-towners alike, a few hours catching fish or sightseeing is a great way to celebrate a job well done. Our sightseeing tours take place on private boats for groups of four to five, and salmon fishing tours can be in mixed groups or on private boats.

Whether you’re celebrating a relatively new dad or a soon to be grandpa, Father’s Day is your chance to show your dad how much you care. Great dads put their kids first, and this is one day of the year where you get to put the spotlight on them. Whether your father is an avid angler or you simply think he would enjoy a day sightseeing out on the Puget Sound, a fishing trip for Father’s Day is a gift dad won’t forget.

Some guys love going out to bars and celebrating their bachelor parties Vegas-style. Others prefer a more laid back ordeal with their groomsmen. A private fishing boat is a great way to celebrate a soon to be husband and the start of a new marriage. Mooching, saltwater fly fishing, and bottom fishing are all great ways to spend a day with the boys on the water. And if there are any lady anglers who want to bring their bridesmaids out fishing for a bachelorette party, we’d love to have you too!

If you’ve run out of birthday ideas for someone special in your life, a fishing trip might just be your solution. Birthday dinners happen every year, but a fun experience for the whole family is hard to forget. Whether you’re seeking a great family activity, a memorable guys weekend, or an activity you and your spouse can do together, a Summer fishing trip is a top notch way to celebrate any birthday.

For Father’s Day, birthdays, or any other occasion you might have coming up, why not spending it in the sun on the Puget Sound? To learn more about our trips or to plan your next celebration, visit our website today. We also have gift certificates available!

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.com